Features of the Smco Magnets

Features of Samarium Cobalt Magnets
Smco disc magnet is a strong magnet composed of samarium and cobalt. They are usually used in high performance motors, magnetic couplings and magnetic separators. These are fragile magnets that are prone to cracking and fragmentation. Samarium magnets can be used in high temperature applications where neodymium does not work.
Features include:
  • Samarium cobalt magnets are hard and brittle, and may break or fracture if dropped.
  • They have high magnetic properties, and samarium cobalt magnets have good thermal stability.
  • Samarium-cobalt magnet is corrosion-resistant.
  • Samarium-cobalt magnet is the consideration factor of demagnetization temperature.
Samarium cobalt magnets can withstand higher temperatures than neodymium magnets. The maximum working temperature of samarium cobalt magnet is between 250 and 550 ℃, and Curie temperature is between 700 and 800 ℃. In addition, samarium cobalt magnets are more susceptible to corrosion than neodymium magnets, usually without coating or plating.
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