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Giantank Magnet  is a permanent magnet manufacturer, established in 2013, with a mission of R &D and mass producing rare earth magnetic materials (NdFeB and SmCo). We are supplying magnets with best cost performance for our partners all over the world.

 Featured Products 

Our main products are Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets for various of energy-efficient motors and generators
NdFeB Magnet SmCo Magnet AlNiCo Magnet Magnetic Assembly
NdFeB Magnet
NdFeB Magnet
SmCo Magnet
SmCo Magnet
AlNiCo Magnet
AlNiCo Magnet
Magnetic Assembly
Magnetic Assembly


Factory Introduction Video
Factory Preview
Factory Introduction Video


Giantank focus on Industrial Automation, Electronic Devices, Automotive Industry, Electricity Generation Facility and other high-end application fields, especially on energy-efficient motors, generators. Perfect magnets and services are secured, based on 20+ years of rich technologies and experiences on magnet R&D, production and applications.

 Customer Feedback 

We decided to work with Giantank after visit in 2019. They have advanced magnet production line with 3000 tons annual capacity, and run under ISO9001:2015 & IATF 16949:2016 with a 150-person-team. Sales engineer Ms. Naomi Zhang is very patient when working with us. Thanks to their good experience in exporting, we got samples fast and smoothly within 7 days after ordering. Samples are under testing. Expecting mass production.
As a 6 years partner, we thank Giantank’s reliable magnets and services. They have very good relationship with raw materials suppliers, and know a lot about price trend. Give us very useful advices, suggest us the best time to buy, and even can make purchase plan and save cost for us. A 15-day production time for mass production! Giantank’s magnets can always match our motors and make them running steadily and efficiently. Perfect!
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