5 Best Neodymium Magnets Manufacturers in Canada


Would you like to know about the most popular manufacturers of neodymium boron magnets in Canada? Do you want to buy related neodymium boron magnet products?

This article has put together a list of the most popular magnet manufacturers and suppliers in Canada that you can get in touch with!


Ningbo Giantank Magnet Co., Ltd

Ningbo Giantank Magnet Co., Ltd. is Canada's most popular Neodymium Boron Magnet manufacturer and supplier. Giantank has always provided Canadian users with the best value for money custom magnets. If you need to buy neodymium boron magnet products, you can choose to contact them!


HEFA Rare Earth Canada Co. Ltd

HEFA Rare Earth Canada Co. Ltd. brings your business the opportunity to purchase rare-earth directly from one of the world's largest and most experienced producers.

HEFA Rare Earth has received the ISO 9002 certification for high production standards.

Their emphasis on quality and competitive pricing has made us a favored provider of rare earth products to companies in many countries around the world.

As HEFA's North American representatives, they have developed close relationships with many companies in the United States and Canada.


#3028-2560 Shell Road

Richmond, BC

V6X 0B8, Canada


Jobmaster Magnets Canada Inc.

Jobmaster Magnets is a leading magnet supplier in Canada, offering customers access to an inventory of over 1 million products as well as customized solutions for specialized applications. They also help businesses save money and simplify their supply chains with our highly varied warehouse of products, which includes items suitable for just about any commercial or industrial job.


Jobmaster Magnets Canada Inc.

1420 Cornwall Road Unit 1&2

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

L6J 7W5


Knights Magnetic Products (Canada) Limited

Knights Magnetic Products (Canada) Ltd located in Toronto (Markham) Ontario is a Canadian corporation founded by a group of manufacturers to better serve our North American customers locally and to meet their global expansion objectives.


121 Bentley Street, Unit B

Markham, Ontario L3R 3L1 Canada


Electron Energy Corporation

Electron Energy Corporation (EEC) is an expert developer and leading American producer of rare earth magnets that serves various customers and industries around the world.



It is not easy to find high-quality neodymium boron magnet manufacturers, you need to be patient to know their information. Of course, you can also choose to contact us, we will provide you with high-quality neodymium boron magnet products and other magnet products.

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