Working Together For Five Years And Creating A Bright Future

Giantank's New Year Celebration 2019

Giantank Magnet had a New Year Celebration in Bixiu Mountain Resort in Ningbo in 2019. All employees and company management gathered together for the new year celebration.
General manager of the company, Han Pei-song, gave a welcome speech and introduced the guests and company management who came to the scene. Subsequently, the host read out "the recognition of excellent employees and excellent processes in 2018", and called on all employees to learn from them and learn their teamwork spirit of due diligence and responsibility in their respective posts! Managers of all departments of the company issued certificates and bonuses to these excellent employees to encourage them to guard against arrogance and rashness and to take the lead in the new year and make new contributions.
The staff of each department of the New Year's Gala brought a variety of performances, dances, singing and other programs, colorful, brilliant, and also interspersed with games and lucky lottery etc. The party did not only bring laughter and joy to everyone, but also brought hearts of colleagues closer to each other. Company management and employees' affectionate interaction, exciting lottery activities, so that singing, applause, cheers have been rippling in the venue. The climax of the whole gathering was repeated, showing the joy and harmony of the family of Giantank.
2018 has passed, and 2019, full of hope and challenges, comes quietly. In the past year, we have smiled, had difficulties and harvested. Facing to 2019, we are full of longing and passion. Let's work together harder with confidence and courage to create a more brilliant future.
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