How to Choose Rare Earth Magnets

How to Choose a Rare Earth Magnet?

“Rare earth magnet,” including:

Samarium cobalt.

Neodymium iron boron. 

Both materials use rare earth elements as magnetic components, and the unique characteristics of these two materials are also suitable for specific applications.

The development of neodymium magnets is to cope with rising costs of samarium and cobalt. Today, neodymium magnets are the most popular and widely used. Hundreds of patents relate to the production of sintered NdFeB magnets.

What's so great about neodymium magnets?

Among all magnetic materials, NdFeB has the highest available magnetic energy density. This means that designers can use a small amount of magnetic alloys compared with other magnetic materials.

Although smaller magnets and increased savings associated with neodymium suggest that high-strength neodymium magnets are the best choice for all applications, this is not always the case. Ignoring important characteristics, such as working temperature or corrosion resistance of magnets, may lead to premature failure and unqualified performance.

High-temperature Nd-Fe-B and various surface treatments can be selected, which may or may not be the correct solution depending on the application.

Samarium cobalt magnet

Apart from the fact that they are called rare earth magnets, there is little similarity between samarium cobalt (smco) and neodymium iron boron. Samarium cobalt provides the second highest energy density, but SMCO magnets are also very fragile, so designers and engineers must be very careful when integrating samarium cobalt magnets with specific applications.

Because of its ability to work at high temperatures up to 662 degrees F, samarium and cobalt are also distinguished from other magnetic materials, including neodymium, iron and boron.

The dispersibility of these two alloys means that it is not easy to select suitable rare earth magnets.

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