Industrial Magnets Manufacturers

High Coercive Force, Low Reversible Temperature Coefficient, Low Weight Loss Characteristics
Industrial Magnets Manufacturers
Industrial Magnets Manufacturers
Industrial Magnets Manufacturers
Industrial Magnets Manufacturers
Industrial Magnets Manufacturers



As a rare earth permanent magnetic material, Nd-Fe-B has high magnetic energy product, coercive force and high energy density with good mechanical property, and it is the strongest permanent magnet in the world, so it has been the widely used in modern industry and electronic technology.

Various shapes of high-precision NdFeB magnets for kinds of industrial projects. Magnetic performance and production process can be adjusted according to the applications. Our magnets and solutions are extremely cost-effective.

Magnets used in industrial fields are usually square, tile and so on.


N30~N52, N30M~N52M, N30H~N52H, N30SH~N48SH, N25UH~N45UH, N28EH~N40EH, 28AH~N40AH.


Epoxy/Teflon/Nickel/Gold/Perrin, according to the use of the environment, flexible choice of coating, our customers generally use nickel and zinc as the coating of conventional products.

Magnetization direction

According to customer requirements.

Main characteristics of NdFeB magnets

Sintered NdFeB magnets are formed by powder metallurgy. The magnetic properties of all grades are optimized by applying a magnetic field during the pressing operation, resulting in a preferred direction of magnetization (anisotropy). Our sintered NdFeB magnets have four different characteristics: high corrosion resistance and low temperature coefficient, large size or small size. Compared with ordinary brands, our new brands have excellent corrosion resistance and high working temperature.

Other applications: safety systems, magnetic separators, magnetic resonance imaging, medical industry, special door locks, filters and filters, sensors, speakers, microphones/headphones, high performance motors, brushless motors, micro motors, servo motors, VCM (voice coil motor), automobiles, magnetic coupling, magnetic suckers, magnetic toys, magnetic tools, etc.

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