A Complete Introduction about SmCo Magnets

The demand for magnets in industry is increasing, especially the emerging SmCo magnets. This article will introduce you in detail what is a SmCo magnet, the advantages, disadvantages, common applications, production methods, etc. of SmCo magnets.

1.What is SmCo magnet?

SmCo permanent magnet material is a kind of rare earth permanent magnet. The permanent magnet is made of rare earth elements samarium, cobalt and other elements after proportioning. It has high magnetic energy product and extremely low temperature coefficient. The maximum operating temperature can reach 350.

Compared with neodymium iron boron, samarium cobalt permanent magnets are more suitable for working in high temperature environments. It can still maintain good temperature stability and chemical stability above 180 , and it has strong corrosion and oxidation resistance. It is widely used in aerospace, national defense and military industry, microwave devices, communications, medical equipment, various magnetic transmission devices, sensors, magnetic processors, motors, magnetic cranes, etc.

2.The advantages of SmCo magnets

Samarium-cobalt magnets are not as powerful as super-strong neodymium magnets, but they have some significant advantages. Samarium-cobalt magnets have a wider operating temperature range, superior temperature coefficient and greater corrosion resistance. And it is better than special high-temperature neodymium magnets at 150.

Samarium cobalt magnets not only perform well at high temperatures, but also maintain their magnetic properties even at temperatures below absolute zero (-273°C), so they are very popular in low-temperature applications.

Since most grades of samarium cobalt contain almost no iron, they have excellent corrosion resistance.

3.The disadvantages of SmCo magnets

On the downside, due to the cost of producing cobalt, compared with neodymium magnets, samarium cobalt magnets may be more expensive (cobalt market price sensitive). Like other rare earth magnets, they are also very brittle, so they are most suitable for use in applications that do not require direct impact.

4.Common applications of SmCo magnets

Due to its characteristics, Samarium Cobalt magnets are most commonly used in applications that require high operating temperatures, such as generators, pump couplings, sensors, motors, marine applications, as well as automobiles, racing cars, aerospace, military, food and manufacturing.

5.SmCo magnets production method

The main manufacturing methods of samarium cobalt permanent magnet materials are sintering and bonding.

6.SmCo magnets Performance table

7.Custom SmCo Magnets

We can use our in-house manufacturing facilities and an experienced team of engineers to custom manufacture samarium cobalt magnets according to precise specifications. Contact us or send us a quotation request and we will help you determine the most economical solution for your project. This is our website:
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