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What is neodymium magnet?
Are they the same as "rare earth"?
Neodymium magnet is a member of rare earth magnet family. They are called "rare earth" because neodymium is one of the "rare earth" elements on the periodic table. Neodymium magnet is the strongest of rare earth magnets and the strongest permanent magnet in the world.
What is neodymium magnet made of? How are they made?
Neodymium magnets are actually made up of neodymium, iron and boron (they are also known as nib or NdFeB magnets). The powder mixture is pressed into the mold under great pressure. The material is then sintered (heated in vacuum), cooled, and then ground or cut into the desired shape. If necessary, repaint. Finally, the magnet is magnetized by exposing it to a very strong magnetic field of more than 30 kOhms.
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